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Far Enough Into the Void - Progress Report 

Some news regarding my solo album, Far Enough Into the Void...

Aside from a few tiny edits for a few songs, all drums, rhythm guitars, and bass tracks are complete for the entire album!  The 2 transitional solo guitar tracks, "Less Blue" and "Dabble" will be recorded with leads in the coming weeks.

The next stage will be recording vocals for the 3 vocal tracks, "Disembodied Profanity", "Darkest Place", and "Swam".  I'm very excited to record the vocals for these tracks, and I apologize profusely in advance to my neighbors. 

In other exciting news, I have confirmed 2 very exciting guest solo appearances from 2 amazing guitarists and friends, which will be on the songs "Obfuscation" and "Darkest Place".  I'm thrilled beyond words, and will be revealing more info soon. 

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