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4 Tracks from Far Enough Into the Void Streaming + NAMM 2013!!

1)  I'm happy to finally share a few tracks from the album I've been working on!  Far Enough Into the Void will be available later this year... Click here to listen!

2)  I'm also excited to announce that I'll be attending NAMM 2013... 

You'll find me at the Vigier booth. 

I'm thrilled beyond words and extremely proud to be endorsing Vigier guitars!  Quite simply put, they're the best guitars I've ever played, and I've been a fan since I first played a few at a lesson with Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal nearly 10 years ago.  I'm on cloud 9, and I know my new urban blue Excalibur Original will be my main 6-string for many years to come.  Patrice is a true innovator and Vigier continues to produce the finest guitars in the world.

Check out the Vigier main site here, and the Vigier USA site here.

More news soon... It's quite possible I still have at least one very exciting announcement in store...


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